The ICWA empowers innovators by providing education, expert advice and networking opportunities with other innovators, entrepreneurs and service providers.

The Centre also aims to provide leadership and a robust and sustainable innovation and commercialisation infrastructure through its Business Incubator.

Advisory Services

Free advisory sessions, for between 60-90 minutes, can be provided to innovators, either in person, online or by phone.

Commercialisation Advice

Sessions will cover four main points:

  • Identify the innovators progress so far
  • Determine what the next steps would be
  • Assess if technical assistance is required
  • Provide a roadmap of where to go.

Eligibility criteria apply to these sessions (see below).

Technical and Specialist Advice

Sessions with ICWA partner service providers are designed to help innovators expand their knowledge within a specific area including:

  • Intellectual property protection (IP)
  • Marketing and branding
  • R&D tax
  • Strategic planning and business analytics
  • Product development strategies focused on hardware applications,
  • Business advisory and legal services
  • Access to federal government programs including Accelerating Commercialisation, Research Connections and Industry Skills Fund


Hotdesks and meeting rooms are available to provide innovators with low-cost, convenient and professional business space as they are needed.

Desks and rooms are available between 8.00am and 5.00pm weekdays.

Facilities included with hotdesk bookings are:

  • Convenient parking
  • Fast WiFi
  • Kitchen and other facilities
  • Networking lounge and social hub
  • Access to commercialisation advisers and innovation mentors



Enterprise Unit 3
9 De Laeter Way
Technology Park
Bentley WA 6102


Call: 6251 2526 for any queries

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