About The Program

The IVP is a competitive grant program to assist small to medium enterprises (SMEs) get a step closer to commercialising their innovations by developing collaborative relationships with research providers and specialist commercialisation support services.

The WA Government recognises that SMEs have great ideas, but sometimes taking these ideas and turning them into new and sustainable business opportunities with real commercial outcomes can be difficult.

The IVP is designed to assist innovators overcome some of the barriers that exist on the path to commercialisation. 

The IVP aims to catalyse new relationships between companies and service providers or to move tentative collaborations into a productive relationship.

Innovation Vouchers Program applications open 27 February 2019



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In accordance with the New Industries Fund, the objectives of the IVP are to:

  • Stimulate the WA SME sector through the support of innovation initiatives;
  • Decrease the commercialisation gap;
  • Activate industry-government-research collaborations;
  • Increase research and development (R&D) investment into WA; and
  • Promote job creation and economic diversification in WA.

The purpose of the IVP is to:

  • Assist in the development of new or enhanced commercially-ready products or services;
  • Establish prototypes, processes or systems to attract additional investment;
  • Address a particular technical problem that cannot be solved by the applicant, or for which the solution is not readily available.

The program allows for funding up to $20,000 per voucher to be awarded to eligible SMEs.  Recipients will need to provide a net cash co-investment of matched funds at a rate no less than 20:80 of applicant to State Government funding.

Funding applications must fall under one of the IVP eligible expenditure categories:

  • Research and Development
  • Product Development
  • Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property
  • Commercialisation Support Services

For further information including eligibility and evaluation from past programs please download the IVP Guidelines for Applicants.

How To Apply

Applications for the 2019 IVP open on Wednesday 27 February 2019. For updates, subscribe to the New Industries WA newsletter or follow us on Twitter @NewIndustriesWA.

For all enquiries regarding the IVP contact innovationvouchers@jtsi.wa.gov.au.

2018 Innovation Voucher Recipients

On 25 July 2018 the Minister for Innovation and ICT announced the recipients of the 2018 Innovation Voucher Program. Read the media statement here

  • Laconik - Spatial data to improve on-farm fertiliser decisions; Play’N to Win
  • Salutem Analytics - Scan2Detect
  • Red Rust Contracting - Barbed Wire Fence Strainers
  • iSOL8 Pty Ltd - ISOL8
  • IQ Seven Actionable Intelligence Pty Ltd - IQSeven’s independent Website Intelligence platform for small businesses
  • Atom Minerals Pty Ltd - Precious Metal Recover/Detoxification of Contaminated Mine Sites
  • LIVEstock Pricing Pty Ltd - Livestock pricing
  • Custom Carbon Pty Ltd  - Advanced manufacture of customised composite cycling shoes
  • Dr CHill  - Bougie and Endrotracheal Tube Connector Device
  • M3B Labs Pty Ltd - Disrupt the labour market for WA mums
  • Galvin Engineering - Safe-Connect Shower
  • Syrinx Environmental Pty Ltd - Green Infrastructure Assessment Matrix (GIAM) Web Application
  • Healthregen Pty Ltd - Game-changing therapies for pandemic diabetes
  • ProofDB Pty Ltd - Global permanent Vaccination Record for Companion and Eventing Animals
  • Cadds Group Pty Ltd - Hydraulic Drive Shaft Handler
  • Energon Pty Ltd - Solar Farm combined with Crypto Mining Operation
  • Electro.Aero PTY Ltd - Prototype ElectrDuct115 propulsion systems for sustainable aviation
  • EcoDrive Solutions Limited t/as EcoDrive AeroEngines - EcoDrive AeroEngine
  • Triphasic Cardiac Pump Pty Ltd - Trisphasic Cardiac Pump
  • Apetics - Battery powered peristaltic micro doser for winemaking
  • AutiSense Pty Ltd - Dental detectives check: digital preventive oral healthcare platform
  • Poach Pear - Artisan mushroom pate utilising secondary produce and fortified with B12.
  • GENiUX - Geniux GO (Ggo)

2017 Innovation Voucher Recipients

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