Western Australian Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation drives economic growth, and the Innovation Strategy provides opportunities and encouragement to people from all walks of life. Diversity is essential – innovation needs men and women, young and mature, and people from all backgrounds and experiences.

Ideas can come from anywhere, and can be supported by anyone. Whether you’re a backyard inventor, a research scientist, an investor, or even just someone who wants to experience and buy great new products – you can be a part of the Western Australian innovation ecosystem.

Everyone, everywhere, everyday BENEFITS from great ideas.

SHARE – share stories and photos about WA innovations, on your favourite social media, using the hashtag #innovationworthsharing.

EXPERIENCE – read the showcases about innovative products and how they could benefit you and your family now or in the future.

BE INSPIRED – read the showcases and follow some great innovators to inspire you on your journey, and learn what services have helped others on their journey.

INVEST – view the current opportunities available to invest in or support great ideas.

PARTICIPATE – view events that are happening around the State, such as information or training sessions, hackathons, and innovation programs.

FEEDBACK – like all start-ups, this site will change and evolve over time to meet your needs. The way we can do this is through your feedback.  Use the form below to give us your ideas on how we can develop the future versions of this site.

Anyone, anywhere, any day can become a CUSTOMER

CONTRIBUTE (please read what you need to know first):

  • SHOWCASE – are you a successful innovator who wants to share your experience with others? Share with us a brief outline of your innovation journey and who helped you along the way, so we can shape your story into a future showcase.
  • SUPPORT – do you regularly provide support or services to innovators? Help to shape future showcases by sharing with us how you or your company has helped a WA innovator along their journey to commercial success.
  • INVITE – are you running an event for innovators or other members of the innovation ecosystem? Share the details of your next innovation event on this site, from advisory sessions to hackathons and start-up weekends.
  • POST A BLOG – do you have a story to tell or an article to share that would help future innovators? Contribute to our site in the form of an innovation blog post.