Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) aims to commercialise the globally patented technology of the Hadrian Robotics brick and block laying machine and system, which is set to revolutionise the bricklaying industry.

After becoming an ASX listed company and raising $5.75m in equity the company was able to accelerate the development pathway. FBR is constructing the Hadrian X, a commercial prototype. Significant early stage interest has been received from domestic and global construction companies and machine manufacturers. Over the next few years FBR aim to roll-out the first commercial model and expand globally through key strategic partners. 

FBR was announced as overall winner of the 2016 WA Innovator of the Year Awards.  

Late in 2016 they secured $8 million investment which which will ensure they are fully funded into 2018.  

Hadrian X bricklaying truck
Hadrian Robotics brick and block laying machine

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