Progress has always been defined by transformation and change.  And never more so than here in Western Australia.  Extraordinary technological change is transforming how we live, work, communicate and pursue great ideas to commercialisation.

These changes are powered by a vision to secure the future of Western Australia through transformative projects and new initiatives. 

Stage One (beta) of this website was launched by the Minister for Innovation, the Hon. Bill Marmion, on 20 November 2016 to serve as an online hub for the Western Australian innovation ecosystem. It is designed to showcase the journeys of successful innovators, the lessons they learned and the people and services who helped them along their way. It serves as a central hub providing information so that people—whether innovators (new or experienced), investors, supporters and service providers, or customers—can make more informed decisions about the next step of their own innovation journey. Western Australians do produce innovation worth sharing, and we want everyone in the community to have the opportunity to get involved.

The website was launched as a beta for several reasons.

  • Firstly, because this is frequently how the innovation journey works – you don’t wait until your product is perfect before getting it out into the market.
  • Secondly, because we wanted to make the hub available as soon as possible.
  • And thirdly, so that we can obtain feedback from the innovation community as to how they want the site to grow and develop—just like we sought input from the community in the first instance as to what they wanted this site to become.

Stage Two of this website is planned to go live in 2017, and will feature an online Innovation Marketplace. This will be a platform where government agencies—and eventually other businesses and organisations—can pitch problems to be solved out into the innovation community, and innovators can pitch solutions to known or potential problems to a community of potential customers. The marketplace is intended to help bring together government, business and innovators in a vibrant and active online community, supported by streamlined procurement processes and simple ways of engaging. The intention is for government agencies to more and more become prototype, pilot and reference site customers for Western Australian innovators as they progress along their journey towards profitable commercialisation. Innovation creates jobs and opportunities that can benefit everyone, and the marketplace will be another avenue to help this occur.